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Every so often, I write a bit of software, and release it on this website. Please check back here often and it will get updated as I go.

All downloads here are copyright of Mark Abbott, however, you may use them as you wish. I only ask that when distributing them, a link is provided back to this website, and I am accredited as the original author of the code.

No warranty is provided for this software, and I am not responsible for any damage caused by their use.


This bit of software is all about creating HTML tabs through a PHP page. There is very little documentation for this. Hopefully, you’ll be able to work it out….


WordPress Import

When I migrated this blog to use Word Press, I had to write a load of PHP scripts to import my existing posts into the Word Press database. I deliberately wrote it so that there was a library of functions for importing items, that I could plug into.

The library is available for download.


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