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Argh! I’m Torn!

February 26th, 2008 No comments

Argh! I can’t believe it. I really did *not* want this to happen. After my previous rant about the iPhone, I’m starting to fall in love with it’s sleek goodness.

My 18 month contract comes to an end with O2 on the 29th of Feb, which means I can either upgrade or go somewhere else.

Problem is, I can’t find any other phone that I want right now. I’m looking for something that has the same range of features as my current Nokia N80, and maybe a few more. And that phone just does not exist.

A couple of members of my family have the Nokia N95 – but they really don’t like it. And in fact, I’m not sure I like it either. The battery life doesn’t seem to be up to much, and the thing is too big.

Which leaves me with the iPhone. Still, I keep thinking that I might want a new iPod at some point, and seeing as my current phone is on O2 and the iPhone would be as well, if I get fed up with it, I can always switch back to my N80.

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Everyday the list gets longer

July 9th, 2007 No comments

I’m talking about the things that will stop me from buying an iPhone.

I must admit, I still like the look of it. I like the interface, I love the technicals. All very nice.

But there are somethings that the iPhone is missing, and they are simple little things that I cannot do without. The things that my phones have done for years now, things that I need. Unfortunately, the list gets longer with every review I read.

Here we are so far:

  • MMS – You can’t send pictures? Rubbish!
  • No voice dialling – So how am I supposed to stay legal whilst using my handsfree set in the car? To be honest, my last phone, a Samsung e720 was missing this feature (but still had bluetooth – just like the iPhone) – it was an absolute pain in the arse. It caused me to break the law many times by having to dial and then use my bluetooth headset to actually do the talking.
  • No multiple SMS recipients – This is just obsurd. Even my crappy Nokia 1100 handset can do this. I bought it because it was dirt cheap and I can drop it whilst I’m out rowing and not care.
  • No sending contacts – Forget it, you can’t do it
  • The Lock-In – Jesus – that’s just ridiculous. I know it hasn’t been announced who will be carrying it in the UK yet, but still, that’s just obsurd.
  • Video Recording – WHat I love about my phone is that it’s just there. For those off-hand, unplanned, moments I wished I had a camera or video camera for, I do. I reach into my pocket, and pull out my phone. OK, the quality is probably a bit crap, but I don’t care because it’s record my moment forever. If I can’t record video, that’s just shit.
  • Custom Ringtones – Oh come on! – I don’t want to get stuck with something that someone else has decided is the best choice for me – I want to choose. My old Nokia 8210 could do that way back in the year 2000 – and I’m racking my brain as to what other phones could do that beforehand – I’m certain the 3210 could, and I’m not sure but the 5110 possibly could (and probably the 6110 as well in that case).

At this rate, I simply cannot buy the iPhone – it just seems like an overpriced brick that can’t do much more (phone wise) than my old Philips Diga.

It seems like the iPhone should have been created as an internet appliance, and Apple should have forgotten about the phone bit – that’s the bit that they have fucked up on. At least that way, no one would have to hold up something the size of the spade to their face just to talk.

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