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I’m a Spaz

April 16th, 2009 No comments

Today, I have reached the pinacle of stupidity.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment at the physio. It was at 8am. I know this because for my last physio appointment I was half an hour late because I thought it started at 8:30.

NHS hospitals and waiting lists as they are, I didn’t want to miss this one otherwise I’d potentially be put back on the waiting list again.

So, I awoke early, got dressed for the physio, ate breakfast, and generally prepared myself for more body-bending antics. At 7:30, I thought “I’d better just check that it’s 8:00”, so I did. To my shock, there was no appointment in my calendar (on my phone) for that day.

Looking through the calendar, I found the appointment for today (Thursday) instead. I cursed loudly, realising I was going to be late for work now, showered, shaved, changed and hurriedly got out the door.

On Tuesday, I had to rearrange my trip to see my girlfriend on Wednesday night, so that I had to drive and not catch the train so that I could get back to the hospital in time for Thursday morning.

Fast Forward to Thursday morning (today), I’ve been up since half six, no breakfast, bed hair, driven for an hour, I arrive at the physio fifteen minutes early. There’s no one on reception, it’s too early. I take a seat and play with my phone until my physio walks in.

5 minutes later, he walks out with the diary and says “Errr, you’re not due here until tomorrow…..”  Crap.

Not only did I get ready 3 days too early, I got ready 1 day early as well – just for good measure.

Fortunately, for the second time, his 8:30 appointment had cancelled so he was able to see me straight afterwards.


I’m a spaz.

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