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The Most Ridiculous Thing…

February 11th, 2005 No comments

I’ve just seen something absolutely ridiculous on Channel Five, sorry, I mean “Five”. The Gadget show have just had “a quiz show” between three supposed boffins (hey, it included 2 Doctors from Birmingham University, so you know, they must be smart) and Google.

Questions were along the lines of “What is the ninth decimal place for the number Pi?” which most people aren’t going to remember anyway – you ask how many people know their mobile phone number.

One of the next questions was ridiculous, “How old is the Queen?” OK simple question, but Google gets this wrong because chump-man doing the searching types in “How old is the queen?” (with quotes) and gets loads of pages of dead queens, and old information.

The final one that annoyed me, where the boffins won and Google got it wrong wasWhat is the national flower of Turkey?So what does the guy use to search for? “Flowers Turkey”. That to me sounds more like a recipe for a romantic dinner in! And then they blame Google for turning up loads of shopping links. Egits.

OK, so my searches for the above points would have been “Birthday Queen Elizabeth” for the Queen’s birthday (and then worked it out in my head), and “National Flower Turkey” respectively.

Whilst I am aware that most people probably couldn’t string together a suitable search string which will succintly and succifently narrow their results set, it would be at least a good idea to find somebody who could to do the searching effectively – that’s where the real power of Google is – once you separate the wheat from the chaff.

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February 9th, 2005 No comments

I was trawling through my web stats today, and I noticed a new user-agent string that I had never seen before. It simply described itself as “grub crawler”

I decided to Google for it, as most other crawlers will provide a link back to a site where it describes the operation of the crawler; except this one didn’t.

I came up with a lot of information about this. There are some people who believe it just to be a harmless crawler, and there are others who believe it to be a comment-spammer trawling for victims.

I’m not too convinced about the last one, but people are entitled to their opinions. Once you read the official description of “Grub” then you can see that this could just be a Grub user.

The idea of Grub, hosted at, is to be a distributed web trawling system, designed to keep tabs on every URL, every day. Kind of like SETI@Home, and other distributed processing projects.

However, the people over at Slashdot have other ideas, and have pointed out some of the bad points about Grub. Such as, may have started as an open source project, but it is now a commercially owned entity, so why donate your bandwith to a “for-profit” company with no form of return for you donation? And what happens if your client is given the task of scanning a URL for child pornography? Certain police forces (e.g. Scotland yard, FBI, etc) would be alerted and (in this instance) it wasn’t your fault.

So, my take on the project is this:
It started out as a good idea; but as soon as it became part of a commercial company, it became unworthy of my bandwidth; and the ramifications of having to unwittingly scan for items that are illegal in your country may the project too damn dangerous to consider running

In short: Don’t use it. It you have it installed already, then uninstall it.

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A Lesson in Not Jumping To Conclusions

January 31st, 2005 No comments

Nice one popular press. Nice one.

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January 28th, 2005 No comments

…. I hate this man.

What I forgot to mention though is that I am pleased the BBC managed to do a full history of the sound, not just the fact that it was used as some annouying frog sound. I actually first heard the sound under the “Insanity Test” title.
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Prince Harry

January 13th, 2005 No comments

It’s good to see that Prince Harry has been successfully promoting the British public and has indeed inherited his Grandfather’s knack of international relations!

I saw this genius quote on Small Values about this whole issue:Prince Harry urged to visit Auschwitz. Good idea, but leave the uniform at home, eh?
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New 364-Day calendar

January 6th, 2005 No comments

This guy sounds like a bit of a nutter really.

If it were possible to adopt his system within a year, bearing in mind that all computer software would have to be replaced along with the year, month and date of the current day, the calendar is completely unworkable.

There is a line in the report:it does have one major problem: there is no way of working out from the year you are in if it will contain a leap week. which kind of reduces the plan to a pile of rubbish.

If you can’t work out something like that, how do you write software for it? Or how to do you work out that you need a leap week in the first place. It just don’t make any kind of sense

Their solution is somewhat farcicle:Henry’s system would need us all to keep a leap week calendar alongside our normal calendar.

The report also states that he would like GMT to be the standard time throughout the world. Egit. Has he not considered that at all times, one part of the world is in day light and the other in night time? As the editorial comment points outYes, but then when I am in California, how do I know when lunchtime is? – Ed

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What a load of b*ll*cks

December 10th, 2004 No comments

No thanks, I’d rather walk….

For starters it’s healthier and by the looks of it, I’ll save myself several thousand pounds.

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What the hell is wrong with Nokia?

December 10th, 2004 No comments

I’m talking about this: http://www Essentially, it’s a 7610 with a decent key pad. I actually hated the look of the 7610, it was just ugly, and the keypad looked disgusting. So, if you are going to need to produce a copy of the same phone with a decent keypad, why not produce like that in the first place!

I used to work in a mobile phone shop. I sold literally hundreds of phones. If someone ever asked me what the best phone was, it was always a Nokia.

But times change, and it seems so has Nokia’s direction. Instead of producing 3 maybe 4 new, and also very decent, handsets a year, they seem to be producing a new one once a month, with small changes between the models, and which don’t seem to meet that standards or the expectations that people used to have from Nokia handsets, simply because they have been rushed out the door.

STOP IT! It’s driving me mad!

As an example, I used to own a 7650, which was fantastic, I couldn’t fault it, it was superb. About 6 months ago, I got a 6600. A step up I thought. No, it’s been more of a step down.

The phone seems to have a real problem with SMS Messages, and with Voicemail notifications. And every so often the Bluetooth stack will crash, or the phone will turn itself off, or…..

When my contract comes up for renewal in May, I’ll be looking at Sony Ericsson, or Siemens. Certainly not Nokia!

OK, I’m not going to go for a Samsumg either, judging by my friend Richard’s Encounter with one
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