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Worst Screensaver Ever!

February 18th, 2005 No comments

Thanks “Providence” (an XScreenSaver), for whenever you start up, you chew up all the RAM on my system, including when it is a preview in the “Change Screensaver” properties in Gnome, so I can’t get rid of you. That’s really helpful. I appreciate it.

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A Brilliant Little Article

January 28th, 2005 No comments

I was pointed in the direction of this by one of my work colleagues. It’s a brilliant little poke at getting Windows Virii to run under Linux+Wine; and therefore awarding each virus a “Linux Compatible” score.

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Linux and USB-Key

January 15th, 2005 No comments

I was quite surprised at how easy it was for me to install a USB memory key on my Linux desktop (runs Fedora Core 3)

This site tells you how to do it, and it appeared to work perfectly (I didn’t go through the step of adding the icon though – it seemed to appear by itself!)

Only problem is, when I unmounted and removed the key, then reinserted it again, it didn’t auto mount.

It appears the problem was that it appeared as a different device on my machine (instead of being on /dev/sda1 is was on /dev/sdb1)

Once I changed the mount point everything worked. If I then did the same again (remove/reinsert) the device seemed to stay on /dev/sdb1 – I’m waiting to see what happens next time I plug it in!

As a note, this site seems to point out that each device doesn’t always map to the same point, and therefore you should always check /var/log/messages to see where the device was positioned.

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DVD Video Burning Under Linux

January 4th, 2005 No comments

Having managed to successfully burn a CD in Linux last night, I’m spreading my wings and will soon hopefully be burning a DVD.

I had to find a load of pages about the topic though, and exactly how I need to do it. It’s a bit of a departure for me as I haven’t even done it under Windows yet. In at the deep end….

Here’s a list of the sites I found:

This site tells you pretty much how to do everything. Kind of a good site
Again, this site tells you everything
This is probably the best site out of the lot, seems to list pretty much anything you need to do
‘Q’ DVDAuthor is a piece of software for making DVD menus graphically and not having to learn the command line interfaces.

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It’s Late

January 3rd, 2005 No comments

OK, clock says it’s 25 to eleven (pm).

I’m back to work tomorrow, having had almost 2 weeks off, I should have been in bed at 10, I was up early this morning to get used to getting up early again, and what am I doing?

Waiting for a CD. No, really.

I’m working on a CD to play in my car tomorrow, and it’s taken a hell of a lot longer than I thought. Still, I’ll have a good CD for the car, and I got to watch “Bend It Like Beckham”, which I never realised that Keira Knightley was in.

On the downside, next on the telly is “Whilst You We Sleeping”. I’m gonna sleep well tonight!

Finally got to bed at 11:00pm – an hour late. Feeling tired today.
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Burning CDs Under Linux

January 3rd, 2005 No comments

It’s come to the point where I’m trying to burn a CD under Linux – something that I haven’t really done before.

I managed to stumble across this page which kind of gives me a hint that I already had, I also came across this page which is an official RedHat page and tells you how to do things under XCDRoast.

My main criticism is that none of the products (cdrecord, K3b, XCDRoast) seem to pick up your writer drive if there is no disk in it……

Once I’d worked that out, everything else seemed intuitive!

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Linux Squeezed onto another Consumer Product…

December 31st, 2004 No comments

I like Linux, alot, but every now and then a brilliant new piece of consumer equipment is released (and proves very popular) and somebody has to go and try to squeeze Linux on to it.

Usually they succeed (e.g. iPaqLinux), but it you install it then you’re definitely invalidating any kind of warranty that you had.

In this instance, it’s now the iPod that has been victim to the hackers. However, this project seems a little different to the others that I have seen.

Not only do they have a decent website (for once), trivial I know, but the real killer thing I like about this project is summed up in these few words Our bootloader allows for you to choose between either iPodLinux or Apple’s firmware each time you turn on your iPod.Genius! They have realised, unlike many other projects, that you may only want to tinker with Linux every now and then, and they have let you turn it off! Bravo!

When I eventually get my iPod, I’m still not going to install it though…

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Some Other Stuff…

December 28th, 2004 No comments

… That I found on my way around the internet today looking for PHP compilation stuff.

This site has a very complete site about how to compile Apache and PHP from source, which appears to be very useful.

It’s also got a little note in it about how to use Eclipse to write and debug PHP code, which I’m quite interested in. I’ll be investigating that!

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Well I’ve Had A Busy Day!

December 28th, 2004 No comments

It all started yesterday when I went to my local PC World and bought a DVD Rewriter for £50.

Now, I couldn’t put that in my laptop, so I bought it to go in my Linux powered desktop

So, I took the opportunity to reformat the hard disk and install Fedora Core 3 – which I’m quite impressed with already. I then came across a small problem. I want to start work on an improved version of my MP3Laptop project – this time to provide music around a house.

Being the tinkerer that I am, I decided that I wanted to do it on PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1 – which Fedora does not provide (only PHP4 and MySQL 4.0). I managed to find a reference for somebody that had swapped out the PHP and MySQL RPMs for development ones for Fedore Core 4. So I followed their instructions, and rather amazingly (considering his instructions for the a 64-bit architecture), they worked perfectly!

Except…. when I came to play with the new PHP5 mysqli class for using prepared statements and all the wonderful things that MySQL 4.1 can now provide, it wasn’t compiled into the PHP RPM.

I’m currently working on getting PHP 5.0.3 compiled, and apart from a few hiccups, it seems to be going OK. I’ll give you a few hints anyway:

1. Make sure you have the httpd-devel RPM installed – get that from your install CD and installed with “rpm -i ” – mine complained that I didn’t have a couple of other files installed, just tack the file names on the end of the command and that should work!

2. Make sure you have “aspell-devel” installed – again it’s on the CD and use “rpm -i” to install that as well.

3. Before compiling, create a simple PHP file on the server where the system will be compiled, with the code “<?php phpinfo(); ?>” in it (nothing else), and view the file normally from the server. In the output HTML, there will be the list of configure options PHP was built with previously – copy and use these, just add “–with-mysqli=/usr/bin/mysql_config” to the end (assuming you have installed the new MySQL 4.1 RPM)

That is as far as I have got so far, but everything seems to be compiling OK at the moment – I’ll let you know how I got on.

Doh! Compilation just failed on the ODBC step, I’ll try and fix that now
Fixed the ODBC step – just needed to install the unixODBC-devel RPM – again it’s on the installation CD and use “rpm -i” to install
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