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Hair Cut!

September 5th, 2005 No comments

OK, so at the moment, I’m in desperate need to get my hair cut. I usually like to get it done every 3 weeks, but it’s been at least six since it was last trimmed.

In a couple of weeks, I’ve got my brother’s wedding, and I’m also getting fed up with the style at the moment. Now, seeing as my hair is fairly short, and it’s 3 weeks longer than it should be, I’ve now got not better chance to change the styling.

I’m a bit lost as to what to choose, so I decided to do a little experimenting on Google Image search. First I tried some meaningless search, but it did come up with this scarey little thing – Reminds me of the “Suck-And-Cut” from Wayne’s World.

Anyway, I decided that I would search for people with the same name as me, just to see what my name sakes had come up with. I first found this ugly git, who plays Australian rules football – I won’t be copying his hair, or gormless look!

But then came across this interesting guy – I don’t like his hair cut, but I like his style!

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This is bloody brilliant!

September 3rd, 2005 1 comment

This page (about UK rappers using US “Slanguage”) is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Just check out the comments from people, especially the first “JACKSPAID”, it’s bloody hilarious! It make no sensense at all!

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June 30th, 2005 No comments

This is quite funny. Apparently ferrets are very good at discovering KDE bugs (as indicated here).

It’s a bit weird actually, because on Tuesday night, I had a very weird dream about ferrets, and this has just brought it all back again.

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I Want One

May 6th, 2005 No comments

How cool are these!

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Petrol Powered Blender

March 22nd, 2005 No comments

Ooooohhhhh, yeah!

This looks like I brilliant idea. Instead of electrically powered, it has a small petrol engine from an industrial grass strimmer attached to the base.

That thing is going to make some excellent smoothees.

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Google Spoofs

March 12th, 2005 No comments

OK, I’m sure that some of you would have heard of the “Enter ‘French Military Victories’ and click on ‘ I’m Feeling Lucky ‘ ” thing that you can do with Google (It links to here).

Anyway, one of the girls that I work with showed me this website the other day, which will perform a Google search for you, and will completely reverse all of the text on the page. Not kidding. Remember, you need to enter your search phrase backwards as well!

I’ve also just come across this site, which puts it into “Snoop Dogg” language (as in “Fo-shizzle my nizzle”). (Via)

I never thought that when I started using the Internet (and Yahoo!) that eventually people would start to “have fun” (in the loosest sense) with a search engine.

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Some amazing stuff!

March 8th, 2005 No comments

I’ve found some amazing stuff on the Internet in the past couple of days!

The Amazing Chicken Vacuum. Awesome. Check out the video on the product page. (Via Gizmodo)

Homemade Laser Tag. Also pretty amazing. (Also via Gizmodo)

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What’s so special about the Swiss?

January 10th, 2005 No comments

This BBC news page is about how many more people use the BBCs web search engine.

There’s a brilliant section on what people have searched for using natural language questions (which I don’t think the search engine supports).

Anyway, some of the more bizarre queries are listed on the page. The best one beingWhat is so special about the Swiss?

I would have loved to have seen the answer to that one….

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This is very funny.

January 7th, 2005 No comments

My friend, Richard, put me on to this page. It’s very funny.

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The Poor Sod….

December 30th, 2004 No comments

I dare somebody to paint this Burberry!

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