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Another Brilliant Idea

January 15th, 2005 No comments

Living In A Tube Map

The idea is simple: Pick a tube station that you haven’t been to. Go there. Take photos of the surrounding area. Upload pictures.

The idea is a bit more involved than that, but that is the general idea. Basically, they want to get people out and about and to make a day of their visit. Eventually, once the map is complete, the pictures will be displayed in an exhibition.

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Here’s a couple of good ideas!

January 15th, 2005 1 comment

I’ve been looking on t’internet today for things to do with blogging.

This site brings together a list of blogs for people that work or live in London, and ties them to the Tube Station that they are nearest to!

And this site lets you specify that you are blogging and you are from the UK and then aggregates your RSS feed (here’s mine) into a big long list of posts.

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Damn Trackbacks

January 11th, 2005 No comments

I’ve been reading a lot of the Microsoft MSDN blogs at the moment, and I recently realised that pretty much all of the entries allow trackbacks, although many don’t state the URL on the page.

The problem is, I’ve only had problems with sending trackbacks – I’ve not had one success to date with MSDN trackback URLs. Others seem to work fine though!

I’ve followed the MoveableType specification (they were the original creators) as far as I can, and I don’t have problems with other sites, just Microsoft.

Anyone know why?

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New website updates

January 10th, 2005 No comments

If you’ve looked at the site recently, you may have noticed some slightly minor changes.

I’ve made some visual changes to the website, and moved somethings around on some of the pages, and generally made everything a little easier to use and a bit more obvious.

I’ve also become a bit more specialist-user friendly by adding <label> tags for the input fields in the search areas and the add comments forms.


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Wow! Sale Shopping Made Easy

January 1st, 2005 No comments

First things first, Happy New Year

I’ve just come back from shopping in Brighton. Seeing as it is sales season, I expected it to be packed.

Strangely though, it wasn’t. In fact, it was quite empty – there were less people there than there usually is on any given Saturday.

The weird thing is though, the car parks were still fairly full, which we couldn’t quite understand.

The only thing that we realised could be going on is that it’s the 1st of January, so nobody wanted to go shopping, or are still a little bit hungover from last night still

Despite the fact that some of the major stores were closed, (e.g. Mark’s and Spencer), it still made the day worth while due to the lack of people!

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This sound pretty cool

December 31st, 2004 No comments

This sounds like quite a good idea. It’s a bit heavy on the technical, and doesn’t really labour the point very well, but once you get it, it’s quite simple

Imagine being able to gather a collection of RSS resources (i.e. news feeds, blog feeds, etc), and to be able to filter out items automatically and to produce a new RSS feed based on that.

Now imagine being able to “chain” these filters together. Where one may take news feeds from news sites around the world and merge them for relevant (e.g.) Technical information; a second filter could then attempt to match these stories to a Slashdot news feed which has been merged with a news feed from The Register. And so on.

This site goes a little bit further and attempts to generate the initial RSS feed gathering information from a multitude of sources – e.g. files on a network, with news feeds and marketing statistics – and then pushing these off to external “filters” (or content manipulators), such as or who may adjust the content to direct interested parties to correct pages or definitions. However, the site again goes one step further and discusses the idea of sending the information to another content manipulator straight from another. E.g. if I want to send information to both and for them to manipulate, instead of sending the data to, then receiving the data back and then sending it to; I would craft my request (with <via>) information to go from the originator (i.e. me), to amazon, then amazon would read the <via> information and pass this to, who would then send it to it’s next information (i.e. back to me).

All sounds pretty complex, but in reality it wouldn’t be that difficult to perform – the difficult lies in getting the system useful enough that people would want to generate standards for it.

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Blog Spam

December 29th, 2004 No comments

Fortunately, as yet, I’m yet to succumb to Blog Spam – where spammers use your blog to get their message across

Because I have developed my own blog, I’ve left room for some Spam filtering options when posting comments or trackbacks. As yet I have yet to implement these features.

Fortunately, I stumbled across this page which gives Moveable Type users information on how to avoid spam, and also links to this page which lists a load of black listed URLs. I can now start to implement a bit of a Bayesian filter for sorting out spam.


This page lists some other things that I could do – e.g. blocking spammers using a .htaccess file
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Blog Now Even More Complete

December 28th, 2004 No comments

Because I write all my own blog software, I get to work on it at my pace, it also means that if I miss out a feature it’s because of my own stupid fault and then have to go and research about it!

And that is exactly what has happened!

I’ve always known that for a full implementation of trackbacks, a trackback link should be able to display an RSS formatted list of trackbacks that have been received by that post. Except I never got around to implementing it.

So I’ve now implemented that. But, whilst researching that topic, I discovered that I really should be including auto-discovery tags in my pages for people to identify where the trackback links are on my blog, which has taken some substantial research to work out what is going on with RDF tags. But it’s at least done now!

Also, Kudos go to this site, where the poster (John Gruber) argues, quite successfully, against Trackbacks. I agree with all his points — but I’ve implemented them anyway 😉 Also, the page design is just gorgeous.

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Still Trawling the Internet

December 28th, 2004 No comments

Looking at trackback mechanisms on other people’s blogs, but never mind about that.

I came across this little wonder! Pretend to be either a SitCom character, or a dictator, and it will guess who you are by asking you yes no questions!


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OK, One Last Test….

December 7th, 2004 No comments

…I promise. These should be the last two pieces of the jigsaw!

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