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I’m a Spaz

April 16th, 2009 No comments

Today, I have reached the pinacle of stupidity.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment at the physio. It was at 8am. I know this because for my last physio appointment I was half an hour late because I thought it started at 8:30.

NHS hospitals and waiting lists as they are, I didn’t want to miss this one otherwise I’d potentially be put back on the waiting list again.

So, I awoke early, got dressed for the physio, ate breakfast, and generally prepared myself for more body-bending antics. At 7:30, I thought “I’d better just check that it’s 8:00”, so I did. To my shock, there was no appointment in my calendar (on my phone) for that day.

Looking through the calendar, I found the appointment for today (Thursday) instead. I cursed loudly, realising I was going to be late for work now, showered, shaved, changed and hurriedly got out the door.

On Tuesday, I had to rearrange my trip to see my girlfriend on Wednesday night, so that I had to drive and not catch the train so that I could get back to the hospital in time for Thursday morning.

Fast Forward to Thursday morning (today), I’ve been up since half six, no breakfast, bed hair, driven for an hour, I arrive at the physio fifteen minutes early. There’s no one on reception, it’s too early. I take a seat and play with my phone until my physio walks in.

5 minutes later, he walks out with the diary and says “Errr, you’re not due here until tomorrow…..”  Crap.

Not only did I get ready 3 days too early, I got ready 1 day early as well – just for good measure.

Fortunately, for the second time, his 8:30 appointment had cancelled so he was able to see me straight afterwards.


I’m a spaz.

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A Change of Look

April 13th, 2009 No comments

The slightly observant of you will have noticed that I have changed the theme on this site. I was inspired to do whilst I upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress.

Whilst the old theme was OK, there are a couple of annoying little glitches that bothered me, not to mention that it made no attempt at (visually) indicating that there was an RSS feed available.

Hopefully, the new theme should solve a lot of those problems (although, I’m yet to try it on a slightly smaller screen).

The other benefit of upgrading of course is that the app for my iPhone now works. Well done to the developers that changed the app so that it would only work with the latest version, and didn’t tell anyone. Genius!

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SQLite Concurrency

April 11th, 2009 No comments

Recently, I wrote an application that used a SQLite database and wrote data into a common database rapidly, over several connections.

I initially wrote the application to use one thread, and only one database connection, but as I improved the software, I converted it to use multiple threads with one connection per thread.

I quickly ran into the problem though that the database quickly became locked – one thread would block out the other and would not return the lock. It wasn’t consistent though as to which thread would be blocked – it was usually the second thread, but not consistently.

Having read a post from the pysqlite mailing list, I think it explains the problem a little bit more accurately, and kind of exaplins a solution. Although, it does seem a little bit drastic (essentially, reconnect everytime you need to run a concurrent query).

I’m now very interested to find out whether this will cure my problem. It does seem a bit drastic, and quite IO intensive, but it’s worth a shot!

I’ll let you know my mileage….

D and Tango

April 8th, 2009 No comments

The other day, I took another look at Tango, for D.

For those not initiated, Tango is a replacement library for the Digital Mars D programming language. It operates differently from the standard Phobos in terms of architecture, ethos and implementation style.

Having previously looked at it, my initial reaction was “Hmmm, seems silly to have implemented this, it doesn’t seem worth the effort to implement a second standard library”. I decided the other day to take another look at the project to try and understand it further.

Having read more about it, and tried to understand further, I can only say: “Wow”. It provides the langauge with the library to “do stuff” no simply a library with which to “implement stuff”.

I have an idea to resurrect my old FTPro software, and I’m now thinking that this would be a great backbone to develop this with. My only major hurdle to this at the moment is rebuilding my laptop….

Why I don’t like KDE anymore

April 8th, 2009 No comments

Note: I’ve recently found this as a “draft”. I thought I’d published it. Forgive the time references, I wrote this in January, not April!

For the past couple of years, there has always been something about the appearance of KDE that I didn’t like.

I don’t know when this dislike started, I think it was around KDE3 – I’m not sure.

The problem is, I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. I always used to think it was something to do with excess pixels around items that just wasted screen real-estate. Recently though, I begun to think that it maybe wasn’t just that (although there is still a lot of waste!).

Today, following the release of KDE4.2 RC1, I’ve managed to spot what my problem is.

Have a look at this picture:

Every single piece of text in that image, apart from the clock in the bottom right, is not vertically aligned particularly well.

Take for example, the list of running applications – why isn’t the text aligned vertically centred with the application icon? Look at the day in the calendar – why isn’t the text aligned vertically within each “cell”? It’s even wrong in the input element in the calendar!

Aaarrrgh! It’s enough to drive me to OCD distraction!

If you want an example of the wasted space – have a look at the vertical lists of applications open under the “Konqueror” moniker. Why is there a massive space at the top? There isn’t one at the bottom, so why at the top? Also, looking at it, the border around window list is different on all four sides of the list….

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