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Oh No!

September 29th, 2008 No comments

Oh No!

Headline on BBC Sports News: Nigerians confirm bid for Magpies

Quick! They’ve been scammed by 419ers!!!

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Blog Stuff

September 10th, 2008 No comments

So, there have been a couple of recent things that have made me come to a decision about this blog.

First, I’ve used up a lot of disk space on my host’s server with my blog database. The prime culprit for that, is comment spam. I manually approved comments and trackbacks, and have a list of spam words that I use to block unwanted comments. However, this has always been a manual process. I’d always intended on using the spam comments and trackbacks to build a bayesian filter, but never got around to it. This morning, I deleted over 160,000 spam comments, and have over 60,000 left to check. That has freed up the disk space but doesn’t solve the problem of me getting lots and lots of spam

Secondly, I’ve wanted to improve this site’s design for a while, so I’d previously started a rewrite to change the look, and to improve the spam filtering.

Thirdly, posting has always been a little difficult for me. I’ve always been able to post via email, which has worked great, but doesn’t let me do advanced features, plus I’ve always hankered for using ATOM or XML-RPC to post with so I can use some standard tools. Except, I never got around to doing that. Now that I have an iPhone, I want to use some of the blogging tools available for that to post to the blog.

These things have lead me to a fine conclusion – Migrate to WordPress. Why WordPress? I don’t know, just another blog system so don’t argue with me, damn it. I can use it’s inbuilt spam protection (and more with the use of plugins); I can update just the theme of the site quite easily without messing too much with the code; and I can also use the WordPress app on my iPhone too.

So, this leaves me with several problems…

  1. I need to import my existing blog into WordPress. There doesn’t appear to be any reference for this, but I think I can start from here: SimplePHPBlog Import Utility. I’m considering creating some PHP library that can be used to insert data into the WordPress table structures. I’ll then make this freely downloadable.
  2. I need to implement my own theme. Fiddling with CSS and PHP in the template has already started. Shouldn’t take too long
  3. Check out existing blog functionality and get it to work within WordPress
  4. Sort out mod_rewrite so that the existing permalinks work without a problem
  5. Integrate my “static” non-blog pages into WordPress

I also have a problem in that I can currently installed WordPress under a separate subdomain, and will need to copy this from one directory to another once it is completed. Hopefully this won’t be a problem!

Simple really. Stay tuned for some downtime!

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