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Oooh! Oooh! MythTV Remote Apps for iPhone

July 24th, 2008 No comments

Need iPhone now!

Actually, I’m impressed with “MythTV for iPhone” and it’s ability to stream to the device. Cool.

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iPhone Tariffs

July 15th, 2008 No comments

So, I’m now seriously considering getting an iPhone 3G. My trusty Nokia N80 is now coming up to two years old (end of next month), and it’s started to crash when I try and send text messages sometimes.

Having reviewed a couple of things, I was unsure of what tariff to go on. Keen not to waste money, I guessed that if I went onto a high tariff, I wouldn’t be able to change down – I was correct, you can’t change down for 9 months after activation, and you can’t drop more than one tariff level per month after that. The main question I had though was “Can I upgrade the tariff?”. Lets imagine that I go on the £30 per month tariff, and realise that I’m using it too much and it would be cheaper for me to be on the £35 per month tariff. After what point can I change the tariff?

Well, having asked in my local O2 shop, I got an abrupt “9 months!” answer (in fact, annoyingly she answered before I’d even finished asking the question). Having clarified that I meant “change up” and not “change down”, I was again met with the same abrupt “Still 9 months!” answer (again, before I’d finished asking my question). Helpful, to the point of rudeness.

Now, I wasn’t sure about the answer to this, so I’ve checked online and the first answer I found online was a bit vague. Having search again I’ve now found the answer and the website states: You can change your tariff to a higher tariff at any time.

Thank you. Clarity.

My biggest gripe with all this is the abruptness of the woman in the O2 shop, and here seemingly not willing to admit that she didn’t know. I’ve got much more respect for somebody that can say “I’m sorry, I don’t know/not sure about that. Can you wait a moment, and I can check that for you”, rather than sticking to their guns and insisting on their first answer.

Mobile phone salesman actually really annoy me like this – very few people would be impressed by their somewhat aggressive sales pitches, and a lot would appreciate someone who is prepared to go out of their way to be correct, rather than someone that knows all the answers (or wants people to think they do). For those of you that know me already know that, in fact, I used to be a mobile phone salesman (albeit in a small independent shop, rather than a large chain), and I can actually remember someone coming back into our shop, having found a cheaper deal elsewhere because we were willing to spend time with him. If I were anybody else, I’d tell people to stick to independent shops (although, finding them now-a-days can be difficult), or to get basic facts from large retailers, do the rest of the research yourself, and then go back to the large retailers and do a “walk-in, purchase, get-out” manoeuvre.

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Life Marches On!

July 1st, 2008 No comments

Well, I don’t think I’ve blogged for bloody ages, so here’s what’s going on with me recently!

  • A couple of weeks ago, I completed the London to Brighton Bike Ride, and raised over £300. Thank you to everyone that sponsored me
  • My boiler broke. Proper broke. I have a plumber in my flat right now replacing the bugger
  • I want a 3G iPhone. I think
  • At the weekend I competed in Richmond Amateur Regatta in the Novice Single Sculls. Fail.
  • I currently have a German guy living with me
  • My car continues to fall to pieces…
  • I bought one of these (I Want It IW500 iPod speaker dock) the other week with some left over birthday money. I’m thoroughly impressed. Just hope I can get a universal dock adapter for a 3G iPhone
  • I’m getting more and more annoyed with my current alarm clock. I still haven’t found or built a good solution yet
  • I now want to build a lightweight MythTV front-end using a Pico-ITX system. Something like this would be ideal.
  • I keep having ideas on how to spend money, but I don’t have any. See previous two items…

I’ll endeavour to post more, especially since some people are soooo interested in my alarm clock antics.

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