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Damn Tax Registration

April 18th, 2007 No comments

I’m looking at different ways of improving my current income, so that I can at least make a decent attempt at buying a property to live in.

I’m only looking at small things so far, such as flogging a few things I don’t need on eBay (books, an old stereo, some old computer parts, that kind of thing); and placing some AdSense adverts on this website.

I’m also thinking of possibly “pimping myself out” as a consultant for Progress 4GL/Webspeed, writing a book (!) of some description, or doing some computer tuition.

What really worries me about all of this is all the tax and national insurance registration stuff that I would have to do. I can find simple references to all of this on the inland revenue’s website (, but they don’t appear to be simple enough for me. They kind of still seem to assume that once I’ve understood they line of “Hey, you’ll need to pay tax”, that instantly I’m a genius at it, and will be off and away after 30 seconds.

It’s all becoming very annoying. If anyone knows of anyone who has done it already and can guide me in the right direction, that would be very, very cool.

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Stop It Avril

April 17th, 2007 No comments

So, Avril Lavigne, you’re telling me that you want to be my girlfriend.

Two problems with this:
1) You’re married, Mrs Wibbly (sorry “Whibley”)
2) You’re outrageous flirting is upsetting my current girlfriend (who apparently you don’t like). Please stop.

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Illegal System DLLs

April 8th, 2007 No comments

Since running Windows Update the other day, everytime I start my computer, I end up with a message that reads the following:*rthdcpl.exe* – Illegal System DLL Relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL.I finally got fed up with it a minute ago, and decided to search for a fix. I came across this page which seems to provide an answer.

It’s related to the RealTek HD Audio Control Panel, and it not loading DLLs in the correct order (although other processes also seem to cause problems). Microsoft have now released a HotFix to fix the issue as well, and I’ve just installed it. I’ll let you know my mileage!

The Hotfix can be downloaded from here:

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Organising a Major Project

April 4th, 2007 No comments

I was doing some coding last night, and I encountered a major problem whilst trying to link the code. I’ve actually just worked out what the problem was – basically, I was pointing to a directory full of library code (which I have written) – so the compile worked fine – but didn’t include that directory in the list of files to compile.

I’m now wondering whether I have completely and utterly screwed up my folder organisation for my project.

Coupled with that, over the weekend, and I realised that I could construct my Ant build files in a much better way, so that building down through a directory tree, recursively, is much easier.

It’s making me wonder if I really should completely reorganise the projects that I have in my workspace, and reorganise the Ant build scripts to be slightly more intelligent. I’m going to have to do something, at least, so that I can even build the application.


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