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If Only…

July 11th, 2005 No comments

… I had large amounts of cash, and a very large wardrobe, I would spend a load of it here.


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We Won!

July 10th, 2005 1 comment

Just a quick note to say that my Novice Double Sculls partner (John) and I won the Novice Double Sculls race at the Kingston Regatta yesterday. Yay us!

Actually, we raced well, but rowed badly which kind of upset us both. It was a close run thing though between us and another crew from our club.

On the down side (although I’m not entirely sure that it is), as there were only 3 crews in the whole race, it didn’t become qualifying, so we keep our novice status.

Next week, John and I will be racing at Molesey.

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A Brilliant Idea

July 8th, 2005 1 comment

I’ve just had a brilliant idea.

I’m kind of fed up of having to identify when a new version is available for some of the Open Source software that I use (e.g. SciTe, PuTTY, etc). I know that some tools have their own updating system (e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird, to name a few), but other’s don’t and it is often those pieces of software that get some of the more serious bugs.

What “the world” could do with, is a universal update awareness system.

Imagine this, I have SciTe and PuTTY installed. I download a small application, and subscribe to a “feed” for each piece of software. When the feed is updated, the software checks the installed version of the software (not sure how to fully accomplish this one), and does a simple version check (if installed_version_number < new_version_number then update_needed = true). The software can then alert the user (in anyway it sees fit) that an update is available. Furthermore, in the interests of paranoia (!), the application would be required to not download and install the application without user intervention.

My description of the word “feed” may be a little misleading: I’m not talking RSS/Atom here, as I think that although it’s got the right basics, it probably would not be best suited to this application. The feed would probably describe an “Application Name”, a “Version Number”, a “Download Location”, a “Description Of Changes”, and a “Update Importance Level”, and probably anything else that would suit the situation.

This would of course mean that software developers would need to provide support for this system (through a feed on a website, and a definition file deployed along with the application), but seeing the way that the open source community (and some closed source – see as an example) have embraced things like RSS, I think that they will show some form of interest!

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Conspiracy Theories

July 1st, 2005 No comments

On a quick walk into the town where I work, myself and the guys I was walking with had a quick conversation about conspiracy theories.

I stated that for years, I have wanted to come up with a totally made up conspiracy theory, and see how well it takes off. So today I came up with one.

Here’s the plot: Most of the clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere contain an alien space craft – the cloud acts a “smoke screen” to hide them. The reason that the Earth’s temperature is heating up is because there are more and more craft in our atmosphere, therefore the heat that these craft give off is increasing the temperature, plus it explains why it is no longer sunny when it is hot. Plus, it explains why pilots don’t often fly through clouds – they know about it and are sworn to secrecy, and they just don’t want to crash in the air. Oh yeah, and the aliens are watching us (for added drama), and there’s going to be an invasion.

Does that sound good?

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July 1st, 2005 No comments

Post 200!

Another 100 posts down. It’s not my birthday this time though.

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UML Description

July 1st, 2005 No comments

I’ve been using Umbrello on KDE for sometime, and unfortunately it’s pretty unstable (especially when generating code), however, I don’t think that this is an unsolveable problem, so hopefully the product will mature with time (I wish though, that the developers would spend more time on this issue rather than adding new features).

What I did discover the other day though (and although I’ve read this several times, it never really sank it how it is!) is that it has a very good description of UML, and how to use it, as part of it’s help system. If you’re new to UML, or just aren’t sure on how it all works (which is how I sometimes feel), then I would advise reading the manual – it really does seem to explain it in a way that a programmer would understand.

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