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Arrgh! No, again!

April 3rd, 2005 No comments


Hopefully this guy doesn’t have a Series 60 Nokia, because if he does then he is going to end up with a virus at some point, if he is willing just to accept a file being sent to his phone via bluetooth like that!

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No, no, no!

April 3rd, 2005 1 comment

Some people don’t realise that getting on a rowing machine, and wacking the resistance up to 10 doesn’t really help, or make you fitter. In fact, it actually makes it easier to go faster (you get a greater force to push against).

It’s like putting your bike into top gear to start off with. It’ll be hard at first, but after a while (and once you are up to a suitable speed), it’ll actually be easier to go faster.

I can do the time that they are talking about, at about resistance level 4 (about that of a boat), but I just don’t see the point of having level 10 on a machine. People are just going to put the level on there because they think that it’ll make them look better.

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This is quite funny!

April 3rd, 2005 No comments

This is quite a funny postAnyone else watch the video for “Round Round”, that classic recorded by those greats, the Sugababes, and notice that when the whirlwhind starts up, the extraordinarily hot stick thin bald guitarist woman is thrown skyward with the drumkit, yet the ‘babes remain firmly attatched to the ground.

Anyone else take from that that the Sugababes are really, really, *fat*?

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Bumper Action Packed Weekend

April 3rd, 2005 No comments

I’ve had quite an active weekend, and I’m only now able to get in front of a ‘puter to blog about it.

I had a brilliant night out on Friday night in Crawley. One of the girls I (used to) work with had a leaving do, so we went out for drinks at a pub after work, followed by dinner in Crawley, and then on to Bar Med.

It was the first time that I have out in Crawley on a night out, and it wasn’t too bad. I’d actually made it into the queue for Bar Med before, but we decided to go home early instead! Wonderfully, I managed to sleep at my brother’s flat, even though he and Vicky were away on holiday.

Worse bit was when I had to get up a 7:30 the next morning for rowing.

Then last night, I took my good friend Emma out into Brighton, as she hadn’t been out in Brighton on a weekend before. It was a bit of an education for her, and for me as well, as we went to a new club called “The Arc”, which is an “Indie” music club.

I hadn’t been there before but one of my friends has been raving about it for ages. I was a bit worried that it was going to be a bit dark and dingy, and would probably have sticky seats, but actually I was quite surprised. Not only was it well lit, it was all resonably priced, and the music they played was amazing. Definitely somewhere to go again!

God, I’m tired. Better go play with the huge water pistol my mum bought me yesterday! I think I’ll soak the kids next door!

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One Year Anniversary

April 3rd, 2005 1 comment

Wow, I can’t really believe it.

I’ve been working at my job for one year now (as of the 1st April). That’s actually quite scarey – what have I done and achieved in that year? And where did all my wages go?

Oh well, plenty more where that one came from!

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