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Interesting Article from Adaptive Path

February 26th, 2005 No comments

Adaptive Path appears to be some company which specialises in web software.

They have created this article which talks about a new combination of technologies that they are referring to as “AJAX” for use on web sites to make them interact more with the user.

So instead of filling in some information on a web page, then clicking submit and waiting for the web page to load before you get told that you have entered a field in incorrectly, you would fill in the form, wait a couple of seconds for the data to be validated, and then would be told on the same page that the field was wrong.

This is interesting, because we use a similar technique at work, except we go a little further with this approach. N.B. I should point out now that I don’t want to go into too much detail about this, because I’m not sure of intellectual property rights, and how happy my company will be for me to reveal certain information! i.e. I don’t want this or this to happen to me!

Basically, we have a browser application, based around the Internet Explorer ActiveX control, and then have a series of ActiveX controls which maintain and control the interaction of various input boxes on the screen, and can present data on the screen using DHTML and DOM. This can then communicate with a database using HTTP.

This approach works very well, and we are actively developing (and have deploye) several solutions using this technique. There are disadvantages though, you’re limited to the layout properties of your chosen HTML engine – which sometimes can’t be specific enough (e.g. we get “twitching” – where the layout changes by two or three pixels but this affects all the page), and some of the easy things that you would normally do in an “native” application you just can’t do.

It’s a good technique, it has it’s disadvantages, but it’s also very powerful.

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Buy and Sell Anything on eBay!

February 26th, 2005 No comments

I was looking at a story on The Register on Thursday, about the FBI issuing a warning about an Internet worm that is going around supposedly from the FBI (Link to story).

The Register funds itself using advertising, and then I saw something very bizarre in the Google adverts on the right hand side of the screen.

Apparently you can sell anything on eBay….

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February 25th, 2005 1 comment

It’s my birthday! Grand old age of 23. I’ll be drawing my pension soon….

Well, it’s the morning after my night out, and I had a spanking good time, thanks to my mates. My friend Richard came down from his home town of Windsor to come out with us (which was very nice of him). I also have to say, that I’m responsible for this. Hehe.

I’ve also found this blog post (by accident), which was just a bit bizarre, and seeing as she is going out tonight as well, I know how she’s going to feel tomorrow morning!

I’ve just also noted that this was my 100th blog post. Sweet!
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Now This Has Reminded Me of Something

February 23rd, 2005 No comments

Wow, photo-associative memory rocks.

I saw this blog post, which talks about the size of the guys hair in the picture. That then reminded me of something that I saw in the town where I work yesterday lunch time. I saw a guy with the biggest “afro” that I have every seen. It was huge. I’m talking bigger than Lionel Richie in the 1970s big. Actually, we’re talking bigger than this little beauty

On a completely different note, the guy in the picture looks exactly like a guy that was in my halls when I was in my first year at University (2000 – 2001) called Andre.

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Hmmm. Gym

February 22nd, 2005 No comments

I joined a gym in the town where I work today. I’m still not sure whether I feel good about myself, or just dirty. I’ve been a member of a gym before, whilst at Uni, but there’s just something about them that makes me cringe at the people that work there that just…want…to…exercise…so…badly that they can’t see that some people aren’t quite as enthusiastic as them.

It’s quite funny really. I’ve been meaning to join a gym for sometime, at least since I started working for my current employer. Anyway, yesterday whilst I was walking into town with some of the people that I work with, I realised that I had walked past the gym and probably wouldn’t have time to sort it all out on the way back. When I got back to the office, I mentioned this to the people in my team, and my project manager (who knew I was thinking of joining the gym, which coincidentally he goes to) pipes up withAre you ever going to join the gym, or will you just keep thinking about it? Why don’t you try a little harder tomorrow and walk into the gym and not passed it!And so I have duely abliged!

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February 21st, 2005 No comments

Yay! Snow!

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Worst Screensaver Ever!

February 18th, 2005 No comments

Thanks “Providence” (an XScreenSaver), for whenever you start up, you chew up all the RAM on my system, including when it is a preview in the “Change Screensaver” properties in Gnome, so I can’t get rid of you. That’s really helpful. I appreciate it.

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Lazy Spelling and Suicidal Birds

February 18th, 2005 No comments

I noticed the other day on a packet of sandwiches, that somebody had at work, that the company who produced them had described that as “lo-fat” and “lo-salt”. That really annoys me. It’s one letter. Just one letter. Surely you can’t be so lazy as to not put in the final letter on a three letter word. It’s not as if it is a difficult word to spell, it’s not a long word, but yet they are too lazy (or worse yet, they are so “hip”) that think they don’t need to put on the final letter of the word. Unbelievable.

I’ve also noticed recently, and particularly last week, that there have been an increase of suicidal birds that feel they want to end it all by flying at very low level (about 3 cms off the ground) across roads, right in front of my car. Is there something about this time of year that increases depression in bird species? Or perhaps they need urban-training – like the fox I saw last night that has obviously been well trained as it tried to cross the road on a zebra crossing!

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Disastrous Rowing

February 13th, 2005 No comments

I’ve just come back form a nightmare of a rowing session. We’ve been saying all week that it looked like it could be windy this weekend, and hell, was it!

The worst bit about it, was not the freezing cold temperature, not the wind trying to capsize us, or either the hard rain. It was, in fact, when the weather decided to give my face an unexpected exfoliation and so started to hail in my face.

To cap it off, when we were coming back in to land, we managed to put a huge hole in the side of the boat (about 3 inches in diameter) which meant that we had to leap out of it that much quicker! And seeing as it is a olden wooden boat, the repair will have to be an expensive specialist job!

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Arrgggh. First Piece Of Blog Spam

February 13th, 2005 No comments

Bar stewards. The lot of them.

Rather annoyingly they posted it on a page that is about how I’m planning to stop comment spam. I’m pretty sure that that was not a coincidence, nor ironic.

I actually read an article a little while ago where somebody had interviewed a blog spammer. Apparently, “It’s nothing personal”, which I would say in most cases it isn’t (N.B. I’m not endorsing it at all!), but to post a spam comment (the only spam comment on my site) on a page on how I plan to stop blog spam is taking the pee a bit really, isn’t it? Therefore, it is personal and I’m annoyed.

Damn it! Got my second piece today. I’ve now made every comment that is posted to this site invisible, until I give it permission to be shown. That’ll stop the beggers.
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