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A Lesson in Not Jumping To Conclusions

January 31st, 2005 No comments

Nice one popular press. Nice one.

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Designer Coffins

January 30th, 2005 No comments

Just, so bizarre. Never mind. Each to their own…..

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A Weekend In Maidstone

January 30th, 2005 No comments

I’ve just got back from a lovely weekend in Maidstone with my friend Jemma. I met her work colleagues, and also managed to talk with her sister, who I used to go to school with.

Maidstone does appear to be quite a nice little town, (when I say little…. you know what I mean). I even managed to see some rowing boats stored by the side of the Medway.

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January 28th, 2005 No comments

…. I hate this man.

What I forgot to mention though is that I am pleased the BBC managed to do a full history of the sound, not just the fact that it was used as some annouying frog sound. I actually first heard the sound under the “Insanity Test” title.
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A Brilliant Little Article

January 28th, 2005 No comments

I was pointed in the direction of this by one of my work colleagues. It’s a brilliant little poke at getting Windows Virii to run under Linux+Wine; and therefore awarding each virus a “Linux Compatible” score.

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Yay! Snow!

January 26th, 2005 No comments

OK, it was limited amounts, stupid southern weather, but I awoke to a slightly snowed over car this morning.

It was snowing when I left work last night, but by the time I drove the 33 miles home, it had stopped. I was quite surprised though because at one point this morning, it was snowing on the way up.

I did manage to take a picture, which I’ll upload at some point.

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New Gallery Uploaded

January 24th, 2005 No comments

I’ve managed to upload another gallery to the galleries section.

This time, I’ve added pictures of trip down the pub we had ages ago now (I think in about September). I like some of the pictures, so I thought I would upload them!

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A Nice Dinner Last Night

January 23rd, 2005 No comments

I went for a lovely dinner with my friends last night in a lovely restaurant called “Alfresco” in Brighton. It’s an Italian seafood restaurant which over looks the sea and the reminants of the West Pier.

I imagine that on a clear summer’s night the view would be phenomenal, but it’s January and it was chucking it down, so we didn’t get to see too much of that!

Anyway, the food was great, the company wonderful, and the service amazing. I can’t complain. Go there.

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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

January 21st, 2005 No comments

My friend Simon, as Mr Incredible and him as some strange looking girl.


These two, I took last Sunday at about 8 am when I went Rowing. You can’t really make it out, but it was a beautiful January morning, crisp but not cold, and with a little fog in the air. Makes getting up worth while!


Phone cameras are so useful.

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Why Captchas Don’t Work

January 21st, 2005 No comments

Here’s a pretty good example of why Captchas are a very good way of stopping spammers from signing up for things. With this level of obscurity, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

I read a little while ago that most Captchas can be read by standard OCR software, and judging by the way that spammers and scammer are able to produce software for their “cause”, it probably wouldn’t take them that long to produce some classifier AI network that could handle the rest that off-the-self OCR software can’t read.

But it get’s better than that – apparently the clever little devils have managed to get around this in a far easier way – by getting people to read the Captchas. Simply, all they do is get people to sign up for a free Porn site, and show them a captcha from another site. Real person enters correct letters/numbers, they get free email address. System defeated.

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