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January 31st, 2010 No comments

We had a major shock when we arrived at the reservoir this morning. The entire reservoir was frozen. We’ve never seen anything like that before – small ice patches, and certains arms of the reservoir, sure, buy not the whole damn thing!

Considering that yesterday, there was no ice at all (thanks to the wind); and that the ice was pretty thick (about 1cm), it must have got pretty cold last night!

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Half-Marathon Training

June 17th, 2009 No comments

I stupidly decided the other week that I could run a half-marathon in late September.

I’d been thinking about doing something like it for a few months (since my brother completed the London Marathon in 2009,) and when my friend Tom asked if I wanted to do a half-marathon, I jumped at the chance.

This now leaves me with a problem though. Although I do a reasonable amount of training for rowing, and I don’t consider myself to be unfit, I’m not a runner and now I have to do a load of training in three months in order to get myself prepared in time. Add to this the pressure that my experienced half-marathon running girlfriend is also doing the same half-marathon, and you’ve got yourself a little challenge going on (there’s no way I’m being beaten by a girl! 😉

So, I’ve begun my research into half-marathon training schedule. Most of them fit into a 12-to-10 week schedule, which is perfect. What’s not perfect, is the amount of running they get you to do.

The assumption is, is that you’re not doing any other exercise. For example, there are some that get you to run 6 days a week. With my schedule 4 days a week rowing sessions, that just isn’t suitable.

I’m going to have to come up with my own schedule so that I can work out a sensible plan.

First thing to do then, is to work out how far, and for how long I can currently run before I drop dead in a heap on the floor. I need to do this both in the gym, and on the roads.

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Photo Opportunities

December 14th, 2008 No comments

One of the things that happens quite a lot on the reservoir, is that people watch us row.

Usually, it’s people out for an early morning walk with the dogs, or out on horse, or out on their early morning run.

I dread to the think of the number of times that I’ve been watched.

On crisp, clear mornings, when it’s a bit foggy, and it makes a good photo, people take pictures. That happened this morning.

I was thinking this morning that it would it would have made quite a good picture; and that I wouldn’t mind a copy of them.

Except, I have no idea who it was who the pictures. I’m going to be a part of someone’s photo album, for ever, and I don’t know who.

It’s tough being a photo star.

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