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Arrgggh. First Piece Of Blog Spam

February 13th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bar stewards. The lot of them.

Rather annoyingly they posted it on a page that is about how I’m planning to stop comment spam. I’m pretty sure that that was not a coincidence, nor ironic.

I actually read an article a little while ago where somebody had interviewed a blog spammer. Apparently, “It’s nothing personal”, which I would say in most cases it isn’t (N.B. I’m not endorsing it at all!), but to post a spam comment (the only spam comment on my site) on a page on how I plan to stop blog spam is taking the pee a bit really, isn’t it? Therefore, it is personal and I’m annoyed.

Damn it! Got my second piece today. I’ve now made every comment that is posted to this site invisible, until I give it permission to be shown. That’ll stop the beggers.
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