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The Most Ridiculous Thing…

February 11th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve just seen something absolutely ridiculous on Channel Five, sorry, I mean “Five”. The Gadget show have just had “a quiz show” between three supposed boffins (hey, it included 2 Doctors from Birmingham University, so you know, they must be smart) and Google.

Questions were along the lines of “What is the ninth decimal place for the number Pi?” which most people aren’t going to remember anyway – you ask how many people know their mobile phone number.

One of the next questions was ridiculous, “How old is the Queen?” OK simple question, but Google gets this wrong because chump-man doing the searching types in “How old is the queen?” (with quotes) and gets loads of pages of dead queens, and old information.

The final one that annoyed me, where the boffins won and Google got it wrong wasWhat is the national flower of Turkey?So what does the guy use to search for? “Flowers Turkey”. That to me sounds more like a recipe for a romantic dinner in! And then they blame Google for turning up loads of shopping links. Egits.

OK, so my searches for the above points would have been “Birthday Queen Elizabeth” for the Queen’s birthday (and then worked it out in my head), and “National Flower Turkey” respectively.

Whilst I am aware that most people probably couldn’t string together a suitable search string which will succintly and succifently narrow their results set, it would be at least a good idea to find somebody who could to do the searching effectively – that’s where the real power of Google is – once you separate the wheat from the chaff.

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