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Why Captchas Don’t Work

January 21st, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s a pretty good example of why Captchas are a very good way of stopping spammers from signing up for things. With this level of obscurity, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.

I read a little while ago that most Captchas can be read by standard OCR software, and judging by the way that spammers and scammer are able to produce software for their “cause”, it probably wouldn’t take them that long to produce some classifier AI network that could handle the rest that off-the-self OCR software can’t read.

But it get’s better than that – apparently the clever little devils have managed to get around this in a far easier way – by getting people to read the Captchas. Simply, all they do is get people to sign up for a free Porn site, and show them a captcha from another site. Real person enters correct letters/numbers, they get free email address. System defeated.

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