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Linux and USB-Key

January 15th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was quite surprised at how easy it was for me to install a USB memory key on my Linux desktop (runs Fedora Core 3)

This site tells you how to do it, and it appeared to work perfectly (I didn’t go through the step of adding the icon though – it seemed to appear by itself!)

Only problem is, when I unmounted and removed the key, then reinserted it again, it didn’t auto mount.

It appears the problem was that it appeared as a different device on my machine (instead of being on /dev/sda1 is was on /dev/sdb1)

Once I changed the mount point everything worked. If I then did the same again (remove/reinsert) the device seemed to stay on /dev/sdb1 – I’m waiting to see what happens next time I plug it in!

As a note, this site seems to point out that each device doesn’t always map to the same point, and therefore you should always check /var/log/messages to see where the device was positioned.

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