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Syncing Google Calendar to your iPhone

September 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’ve just been reading up on something cool from Google.

Basically, I wanted to get my calendars on Google Calendar synchronised with my iPhone (because really, my google calendar is my main calendar) and seeing as iPhone OS 3.0 supports the CalDAV standard, it should be a piece of piss.

Anyway. Turns out, you can add the calendar quite easily by following these instructions


The problem with this approach though is that you only get one calendar. Fine if you only have one, but if you have several (like I do,) then it’s no bloody good.

So, lots of references to this page later…..


… and I finally twig what’s going on.

Turns out, Google have implemented an Exchange Server which lets you synchronise Calendar items and Contacts with your account.

Reading between the lines, you have to be careful regarding the contacts in your GMail account, as possibly they end up on your iPhone and any contacts on your iPhone end up on GMail. It sounds like you can turn that off, but actually it sounds quite useful too. The added plus of that is, if you change the contacts in GMail, they should synchronise back to Address Book on your Mac once you plug you iPhone back in. So, one address book to rule them all.

The added plus is, you get all of your calendars on you iPhone and you can add and remove items to your hearts content!

  1. September 2nd, 2009 at 11:04 | #1

    Only problem is if you have shared calendars from multiple accounts (as I do for work and personal), you can’t sync those shared calendars, only ones you actually own. On the iPhone/iPod Touch there are a couple of PIM apps which sync with Google and allow you to see shared calendars as well. I’ll see which one I have installed if I remember!

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