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Time to Delete

Argh! I’ve just read an article that I can’t help but think is the most useful sounding useless idea ever.

Called “Time to Delete“, it’s an idea for an extension to Windows, and subsequent boiler plate code for an implementation, that lets you indicate the date and time that a file or folder should be deleted.

Now, while this sounds like a good idea, it’s actually not that useful. Think about it. How often do you know precisely when you’ll be able to delete a file in the future? You don’t, most of the time. It’s mostly around events happening, not dates and times, for example take the event of “Delete this when this project is completed.” What happens if the project overruns? You’ve got to remember to go back and remove that clause, otherwise, you’re hard work will disappear two weeks before the project actually ends.

And besides, a lot of the time, you don’t want to delete something, merely archive it to DVD/Flash Drive/Central Server/etc. I know that for my projects at work, deleting data is one of the worst things I can do – at least for a year afterwards, so moving it to the central server works immensely well!

What also really annoys me about this article is that it implements the code as a “Send To” extension in Windows. That’s the “Send To” option when you right click on a file or folder. Let’s just review the Grammar of that sentence: “Send To Time to Delete”. ARGH! Surely, you implement it is a shell extension so that it appears in the properties menu as it’s own item!

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