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Crap Documentary: Close Encounters Over Siberia

Last night, I spent an hour and forty minutes of my life watching an absolute heap of crap.

It was a programme regarding the “Tunguska Phenomenon” in 1908, where supposedly something crashed into the Earth somewhere in Siberia.

The documentary on More 4 was complete drivel, had no direction, was difficult to follow, showed no evidence, challenged no theories, had no scientific content and drew no conclusions.

I would not have minded so much, if it failed to prove one way or the other, as long as it at least attempted to prove something, except it did not. Instead, it jumped around from place to place, from local so-called expert to local so-called expert; and did little in the way of investigation.

Even the so-called Italian scientists in the programme were questionable. On investigating the bed of a recently formed lake, they found a forest of dead trees. However, to me, these “trees” appear to be about 3 inches tall, and swayed from side to side as the relatively small camera was moved near by. They also appeared remarkably small compared to the sediment that was kicked up by the camera. Yet still, they proudly proclaimed they had found “a forest”.

The other thing that bothered me was that the main presenter, who incidentally never showed himself on camera and only filmed things, came up with this little gem:

One afternoon, I took a walk in the woods and found the last fallen trees from 100 years ago.

But yet, in the programme, it explains that the original explorers took weeks to find these pieces of evidence. Are we to believe that actually, they could have found them in just one afternoon instead, if they had just gone “for a walk in the woods”?

If it gets repeated, save your self some time, and don’t watch it. It’s one of the worst documentaries I’ve ever seen.

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