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Some Good Coding Advice

January 8th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

I was perusing some of the MSDN blogs today whilst I was at work (had a spare half hour whilst a very long report was finishing).

There are some very good blog entries on there about testing and best practices. There is also a good description of how to file a very good bug report.

There is also a very controversial blog post about why Windows may not necessarily have more or less bug reports than Linux. Cue spontaneous anti-MS comments aimed at MS poster/employee. I can’t decide whether his arguments are valid, or not, or whether he has kind of been forced into that position. He does however make some perfectly valid remarks about the validity of some of the reports.

In my opinion Linux and Windows are truly comparable in their quantity of bugs. Linux is too diverse, and is not one product, and as such cannot be evaluated as one. Windows is, and can be compared this way. Whilst may people claim that the Linux Kernel has far fewer bug reports than the Windows Kernel, how often is it that these (Windows) bug reports are related to the Kernel, and not the periphery user-space applications (e.g. the Explorer Shell, or the excessive quantities of TCP/UDP services running on external network interfaces)?

I’m not trying to argue one case over another, I am merely stating that it is difficult to provide an accurate or even reasonable comparison between the two.

Now, stop your bickering, or I’ll bang yer ‘eads together.

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