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Why I don’t like KDE anymore

Note: I’ve recently found this as a “draft”. I thought I’d published it. Forgive the time references, I wrote this in January, not April!

For the past couple of years, there has always been something about the appearance of KDE that I didn’t like.

I don’t know when this dislike started, I think it was around KDE3 – I’m not sure.

The problem is, I’ve never been able to put my finger on it. I always used to think it was something to do with excess pixels around items that just wasted screen real-estate. Recently though, I begun to think that it maybe wasn’t just that (although there is still a lot of waste!).

Today, following the release of KDE4.2 RC1, I’ve managed to spot what my problem is.

Have a look at this picture: http://kde.org/announcements/announce_4.2-beta2/panel.png

Every single piece of text in that image, apart from the clock in the bottom right, is not vertically aligned particularly well.

Take for example, the list of running applications – why isn’t the text aligned vertically centred with the application icon? Look at the day in the calendar – why isn’t the text aligned vertically within each “cell”? It’s even wrong in the input element in the calendar!

Aaarrrgh! It’s enough to drive me to OCD distraction!

If you want an example of the wasted space – have a look at the vertical lists of applications open under the “Konqueror” moniker. Why is there a massive space at the top? There isn’t one at the bottom, so why at the top? Also, looking at it, the border around window list is different on all four sides of the list….

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