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Why Can’t People Read or Think Outside Their Little Box?

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I’m amazed somehow about how people on the Internet do not read a question properly or think outside of their own little worlds. I’m always a little wary of tech information I read on the Internet, especially answers posted in newsgroups and forums, but sometimes, they are you’re only source and sometimes they are correct!

Yesterday, I was searching for information regarding a somewhat strange, but necessary question for my job. Simply put, the question was “How can I call a JavaScript function from within VBScript?”.

I found this page http://www.webdeveloper.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-49920.html

Hi Guys,

I have to use a JavaScript and VBScript in the same page. In the way that VBScript is calling a JavaScript.

Can anybody tell me how to call a javascript from a vbscript?


So, the question is the same as mine, albeit phrased diffently, and in broken English (that’s fine).

Straight off the bat, the first answer (from “matt.carter.25”) gets the context wrong:

You cant call VBScript from javascript,

VBscript is processed by the server before the page is sent, javascript works in the browser when its being viewed.

Hmm, no one said he was using ASP and Server Side VBScript. If you think about it before you act, it’s logical that he is using Client Side VBScript and Javascript.

The next answer is more helpful, and actually provides an answer (well done “Warren86”!). Two answer’s later and “matt.carter.25” is at it again:

I think what he is tring to ask is if he can call vb function using JS

This time, he’s got the question wrong! He’s got it the wrong way round! I mean, it’s not difficult to read the question.

Next answer from “96tunerri” is also incorrect:

yes he was, which cannot be done

Not only has he read the question wrong as well, his answer is not even technically correct.

Again, thanks to “Warren86”, his is proved wrong and a correct answer is posted:

Yes, it can.


Finally, to add insult to injury, “Exuro” now preaches about VBScript not working for 20% of the Internet. Which is actually OK – I mean, the information that “Exuro” is preaching is accurate and it’s good advice – if you are creating an external website. At no point is it mentioned that the guy is creating a website, he just says he’s creating “a page”.

At work, I deal with HTML every day – my application depends on it for the UI – but it’s not a website that you can access with a browser (OK, you can, but it doesn’t work). We use nothing but VBScript, because we know for a fact that the pages will not be viewed by anything other than Internet Explorer.

How do we know this? Because the executable that is run is just a wrapper around the Internet Explorer ActiveX control….

So, we have one guy that can read properly, and checks his answers before he posts them, another who assumes a load of stuff, and 2 that are pretty useless. All on one page! Great!

Moving on further, a question was asked on programming.reddit.com yesterday – What is this key for: ¬?

The wonderful answer from “himom” reads:

that’s not a key.

Erm, yes, yes it is – otherwise he wouldn’t have asked the fucking question, would he?! Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Jesus, some people.

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