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Some years ago, I learnt (from a magazine) about SOAP. I decided it was useful, but not that many people seemed to offer a useful service for it.

At Uni, we had a handful of lectures about it from a guest lecturer. Here, I learnt about the concept of WSDL and UDDI.

Now, many years later, I’ve seen requests at work for SOAP access several times within two weeks, where in the previous 4 and a half years, I’d seen none.

We’re now going through the painful process of working out how to implement some of these things in Progress 9.1D (OpenEdge 10 supports it out the box, but 9.1D has nothing).

I’ve taken it upon myself to try and get my head around these things again, and to look at how we can sensibly implement these technologies at work in a way that suits not just my projects massive worldwide foot print (which is getting bigger by the month), but also with other internal applications such as Internet to Application transfers (e.g. Customer facing sites to back office systems)

Having looked at UDDI, I’m amazed that there aren’t that many applications available to run a UDDI service. I’m also slightly amazed that no one has attempted to create a basic VMWare image which runs a UDDI service out of the box. When compared to the number of “turn-key” SVN servers, email servers, groupware servers, no one seems to have done a “turn-key” UDDI server. Especially seeing as “SOA” is a particular buzzword at the moment.

I guess I may have to work it out for myself!

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