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Unorthodox Measurements

November 13th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

One thing I really hate about watching programme on channels like Discovery or National Geographic is that they are redubbed from the US originals. That means that some things they say do not really have relevance in the UK.

For example, the US measurement of choice, for distance, is “the football field”. I have no frigging clue how big that is. Also, is that an American football field or a proper football pitch? For weight, the standard gauge is “the jumbo jet”. Again, I have no idea what one weighs. Also, is that laden or unladen? Take off weight or landing?

Why don’t they give these measurements in a scale that makes sense? For starters, it makes sense, and secondly it improves peoples understanding of those scales and of the subject matter.

So, please programme makers, use metric or imperial measurements (either is fine.) Jumbo jets and football fields fit into neither.

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