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New 364-Day calendar

January 6th, 2005 Leave a comment Go to comments

This guy sounds like a bit of a nutter really.

If it were possible to adopt his system within a year, bearing in mind that all computer software would have to be replaced along with the year, month and date of the current day, the calendar is completely unworkable.

There is a line in the report:it does have one major problem: there is no way of working out from the year you are in if it will contain a leap week. which kind of reduces the plan to a pile of rubbish.

If you can’t work out something like that, how do you write software for it? Or how to do you work out that you need a leap week in the first place. It just don’t make any kind of sense

Their solution is somewhat farcicle:Henry’s system would need us all to keep a leap week calendar alongside our normal calendar.

The report also states that he would like GMT to be the standard time throughout the world. Egit. Has he not considered that at all times, one part of the world is in day light and the other in night time? As the editorial comment points outYes, but then when I am in California, how do I know when lunchtime is? – Ed

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