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Defragging Linux: The Results

October 21st, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

OK, so this is the final part in a long winded series of posts about why and how to defragment a Linux partition.

I’ve previously mentioned the “why” of why I needed to do it, and the “how” of how I went about achieving it. Now for the final results.

The main question I wanted to answer is “Did defragging speed up the deletion in MythTV”. Short answer “No, not in the slightest”. It still takes a very long time, and I cannot see any improvement over the deletions I did before defragging.


So now, I’m going to try the other things – optimising the database, reducing the number of “Record All on All Channels” schedules that I have, etc.

The other question I should answer is “What happened about removing the recordings from underneath MythTV’s feet?” – Those of you who read the previous post will remember that I discovered that removing recordings from the recordings directory, whilst MythTV was still active was a very bad plan. Fortunately, all you need to do to fix it, is to replace the files, and then reboot – although, you probably don’t need to reboot, you can probably just kill MythBackend and MythFrontend and it might work the same; I just prefer rebooting so that I know for sure that there won’t be any other repercussions.

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