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I’ve just been reading an article on manipulating an iTunes library so that you can move it from one location to another.

I have a different problem but the information in the article helps me immensely. About 8 months ago my MythTV box died – I’d purchased a new HDD and it failed about 2 months later. Unfortunately, this meant that I lost my MP3 collection and I had no backups (backups are for whimps).

I was able to recover the files from my iPod using a bit of software called “Senuti“. I had this download the files back to their original locations, based on the ID3 tags. Problem is though, this doesn’t really work for compilation albums. I had the album structure of <Album Artist>/<Album Name>/&ltTracks> so for compilation albums this “Album Artist” was “Various” – but there is no field of “Album Artist” in ID3, so for each artist on that album, it created it as a directory for that artist.

Hopefully, using the information in that article, I can write a quick script to identify the files that aren’t in the right place, and move them where I would expect them to be. I should then be able to sync my iPods properly, and start to import some more of my new albums!

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