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Oh, Nice!

So, having said in my last post that I hadn’t posted for ages, the truth was, that I had; and it wasn’t me not posting, but my mechanism for remotely posting things had gone belly up without me realising. Turns out, it looks like it’s my hosting company that have screwed around with things a bit.

I had to hunt around the PHP forums to understand why my connection was not working properly, which I eventually found and fix, and it looks like everything is workin again. What I did realise in the process though, was that I had accidentally posted the same back post, twice! So, nice going there then.

Anyway, it looks like I have got everything back up and running again, and even may have improved somethings slightly (no more cron calling wget to fetch a page to download the latest posts for me – looks like everything should just be done by a cron call to php now. Much simpler, much neater).

If you’re reading this, then everything looks like it’s pretty much OK.

Cool beans.

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