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Wow, I haven’t Blogged In A Long Time

Bloody hell, it’s been weeks since I last blogged. There are some many things going on at the moment, I’m kind of losing touch.

Lets see if I can remember….

Kingston Regatta – I raced at Kingston Regatta – twice. Once as Novice Double Sculls and once as Senior 4 Quad Sculls – got knocked out in the first heat both times, but that’s not biggie – I’m just pleased I got my first race in, in two years.

Molesey Regatta – Was supposed to race, it got called off because of the floods.

Capsize – On the day that we didn’t go to Molesey, we had a fun day training at the reservoir instead (Molesey was the last thing we were supposed to do before our summer break). Held our own mini regatta, and I managed to capsize the double that I was in. Done that twice now, both doubles, not once in a single. Oops – the squad aren’t letting us live this one down, I think.

Joined Facebook – Yep, I’m on facebook now as my friend Trudie in Australia asked me to. Getting slowly addicted. Have also attracted several people from school that I don’t really want to know anymore – have come up with game wiht friends to try and get as many of these people as possible; and have invented variant of this game called “Facebook Top Trumps”.

I’ve bought a flat! – Strangist and scariest thing I’ve done in some time. Still in early stages, so everyone can stop asking me if I’ve moved in yet.

I need to relearn Spanish – Doing stuff with work to do with Spain – need to remember how to speak and understand it as some of them don’t speak English. Doh!

Comment Spam Filtering – The list of banned words and phrases for comments and trackbacks keeps getting bigger – yesterday, I removed over 11,000 comments in one quick query (that was over 90% of the comments still needing approval!).

Fitness – I desperately need to improve my fitness levels. I’ve come up with a phrase to keep driving me through, it’ll hopefully help.

That’s about it for now, I’m pretty sure I’ll find some other stuff to talk about.

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