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BeOS Virtual Memory

This is more of a reminder to myself, but somebody might find it useful eventually.

When setting the size of the virtual memory on BeOS R5 x86, do not set it to a value that will overflow the value of a signed 32-Bit integer. The number of bytes must not be more than 2^31 (it’s 31 not 32 because it’s a signed integer).

Obviously the designers of the Virtual Memory preference pane didn’t for see large swap files. Never mind, it was the late nineties that they designed the system in.

Anyway, another good way to check the size of the file is to cat the file:


The second line of this file shows the size of the memory in bytes.

Also, one final tip. To check the size of the swap file, do not open the virtual memory pane -this will reset the value back to the default value.

Simply type this is a terminal:

ls -lh /var/swap

This should then should you (in human readable format) the size of the file.

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