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In a bid to earn some more cash, I took a look through Rent-A-Coder.com, just to see what kind of work was being touted for. My general conclusion was: it’s all bollocks.

The majority of the work going is ridiculously complicated, for a very small amount of cash. You can see that most people requiring a programmer are not business analysts, or have not thought their designs though, and so you get a complete mess of a description, ridiculous requirements that can’t be achieved and a small pay packet to boot. There are also many requests for people to “clone” a website (but why? You’re not going to achieve their level of success simply by being exactly the same).

The worst ones though are where you can spot spammers, and things like that. For example, there is a request on there to scan through DNS servers, and get a listing of all the DNS entries held by that name server – I cannot think of any non-spamming (or “cold calling”) use for that technology.

When you look at the website as well, it’s not the most easiest of things to view. For example, wWhen you click on a particular category of work, the following webpage doesn’t tell you what category you are in – so if you open multiple categories in different tabs – good luck trying to find out which section is which!

So, I came away thinking: “Well, nothing of any use there then”.

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