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Losing Messages in Thunderbird

I encountered an annoying problem at work a little while ago with Thunderbird. Whilst dragging and dropping some emails between directories so that I’m a little better organised, the emails were dragged successfully but then disappeared completely.

It happened again this morning with a really important email. Fortunately, I was able to get the original sender to resend it without making me look like a complete planck (A computer programmer that can’t work an email program? How good are they?)

Anyway, I decided to do some digging this evening, and have found this answer in the Mozilla KnowledgeBase (of all places!). Seems like I’m not the only one to have had the problem, and my experiences seem to echo those in the page (never had it in version 1.5 – although apparently it did exist, only experienced it in version 2.0).

Hope that helps somebody.

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