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Weird MythTV Colours Mystery Deepens

Ages ago now, after I upgraded my MythTV box to v0.20, I encountered a problem with colours in the GUI. Basically, the colours were all wrong and looked almost neon.

It appeared that I wasn’t the only person with this problem either, and everybody with the problem appears to have an nVidia card….

Anyway, I thought I previously solved the problem, but it turns out I hadn’t. Last night, though, it appears I have uncovered something that I haven’t seen anyone else mention.

I discovered that if I kill the X server (using Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) and log bag in again, the colours miraculously correct themselves. No tweaking, no messing around with drivers, nothing.

I can’t really think what causes this now, then. It seems that when the system starts up, the loading of the driver gets corrupted, or something isn’t initialised properly, or something like that.

All a bit of a mystery.

Annoyingly, this doesn’t appear to work everytime. MythFrontEnd failed on me the other day so I restarted the application. The colours went wonky again, so I kill the X-Server and logged back in. The colours were still strange. This may only work once after each reboot, or when the video memory has been initialiased differently, or something like that. All very annoying
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