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Damn Tax Registration

I’m looking at different ways of improving my current income, so that I can at least make a decent attempt at buying a property to live in.

I’m only looking at small things so far, such as flogging a few things I don’t need on eBay (books, an old stereo, some old computer parts, that kind of thing); and placing some AdSense adverts on this website.

I’m also thinking of possibly “pimping myself out” as a consultant for Progress 4GL/Webspeed, writing a book (!) of some description, or doing some computer tuition.

What really worries me about all of this is all the tax and national insurance registration stuff that I would have to do. I can find simple references to all of this on the inland revenue’s website (http://www.inlandrevenue.gov.uk), but they don’t appear to be simple enough for me. They kind of still seem to assume that once I’ve understood they line of “Hey, you’ll need to pay tax”, that instantly I’m a genius at it, and will be off and away after 30 seconds.

It’s all becoming very annoying. If anyone knows of anyone who has done it already and can guide me in the right direction, that would be very, very cool.

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