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Organising a Major Project

I was doing some coding last night, and I encountered a major problem whilst trying to link the code. I’ve actually just worked out what the problem was – basically, I was pointing to a directory full of library code (which I have written) – so the compile worked fine – but didn’t include that directory in the list of files to compile.

I’m now wondering whether I have completely and utterly screwed up my folder organisation for my project.

Coupled with that, over the weekend, and I realised that I could construct my Ant build files in a much better way, so that building down through a directory tree, recursively, is much easier.

It’s making me wonder if I really should completely reorganise the projects that I have in my workspace, and reorganise the Ant build scripts to be slightly more intelligent. I’m going to have to do something, at least, so that I can even build the application.


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