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Follow The Red Arrows

February 28th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

At little while ago, around near where I work, I noticed seeing some road shigns that had red triangles stuck to the signs. The triangles looked like isoceles triangles that had been divided in half vertically (making a right-angled triangle).

The top point of the triangle pointed to along the direction of the road sign (or at the many roundabouts in the area, pointed in one direction on the roundabout). When you look at the triangles, it is fairly obvious that they are pointing somewhere, and are supposed to be followed.

I assume that they are there for one particular group of people who would understand their significance. It’s a bit odd though, because they definitely aren’t official indicators, so I’m not entirely sure who they could be for.

One day, I’m going to follow them to find out where the lead. Once I have worked that out, I might try back-tracking them to find out where they came from!

It’s not the only sign of this sort in the area. If you are heading west-bound on the A27, and come up to the junction with the A23, and head north. If you look at several of the signs, in the very bottom right hand corner, there is a very definite arrow (it used to be flourescent orange, but is now somewhat faded) pointing up the A23 towards London. Never worked out who that was for!

The other week, I discovered “the other arrow” that I knew that I had seen, and couldn’t remember where. Couple of days later, I was driving the same route, only going much further, and kept seeing them. Realised that both sets are linked and that they are the same trail. I’m guessing that the trail is now so far probably over 15 miles long!
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  1. Richard
    March 1st, 2007 at 05:07 | #1

    Conspiracy theories abound 🙂


  2. Armswiper
    April 18th, 2007 at 19:46 | #2

    Seen TACMAR already
    Already seen TACMAR, and I’m pretty sure it’s not that. Just want to know what it’s for really. I’ll get around to chasing it at some point!

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