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Getting MythWebRSS Working (Almost)

February 6th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday, whilst surfing t’interweb in my lunch break, I came across “MythWebRSS” which is an extension for MythWeb (from the MythTV package), which provides you with an RSS feed with information regarding the last set of recorded programmes on your MythTV backend.

Tonight, I’ve tried to install it, only to discover that I had previously attempted to install it, but had given up because I couldn’t get it to work. I have also discovered how to fix that problem. Here’s how…

The problem that I had stated the “db_*” environment variables in the .htaccess file were not set. I dutifully checked that they were, read the README file again, check the instructions in there, checked that mod_dav and mod_env were running, added the <directory> directive in my Apache config file just to make sure and the damn thing still didn’t work.

I eventually came back to the .htaccess file for the /mythweb/ directory. I then realised that it was only set to work on files that matched “mythweb.*” (i.e. “mythweb.php” and “mythweb.pl”).

Looking at the Apache core features description for the <files> directive, I then changed the line from:

<files “mythweb.*”>

to say:

<files ~ “(mythweb.*|rss.php)”>

(Note that the “~” character is needed to ensure that the match is done using a regular expression).

This seems to have fixed this problem, but I am now left with another one. When you check the RSS feed, the correct information is output, but it is preceded with the line “<hr><p><b>Error</b> at /var/www/html/mythweb/includes/css.php, line 34:<br />Invalid argument supplied for foreach()</p>”.

This one is obviously a coding problem (probably due to the fact that I am running MythTV v0.20.1, and it is designed for v0.19.0). I’ll keep working on the issue though.

I’ve also come up with some ideas for some other extensions that I think that I could possibly write as well. It’s all to do with DVB Radio and PodCasting!

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Jamey
    February 28th, 2007 at 10:13 | #1

    After trying to install mythwebrss for a bit I googled the problem and came across your post. After checking the .htaccess once I hadn’t come back to it again. You fixed my headache 🙂

    I’m arguing with the errors at the top of the feed too now, I’m pretty sure it’s a missing include or two…

  2. Armswiper
    April 18th, 2007 at 19:44 | #2

    Glad to be of service
    Hi Jamey,

    Glad that I was of service, I must admit I walked away from .htaccess after only a few glances, it was only when I realised that it just wasn’t accessing the page that the light bulb clicked.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the protocol must have changed since they wrote MythWebRSS, because it just seems to fail performing a "foreach" in the PHP code. Annoyingly, if you look at the output of the file, it’s actually valid RSS – it’s just that PHP dumps its errors at the beginning of the file so no RSS reader will parse it!

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