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5 Things

January 13th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Damn Richard and his perpetual memes! Just cause he got tagged, he has to tag me! – Incidentally, I don’t believe you were in Indiana Jones as a stunt double. I damn proof god damn it!

Anyway, 5 things you probably don’t know about me (making this list wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be!):

  1. From about age 8 to age 14, I used to play the flute. Got to giddy heights of grade 3 (oh-ho YES!)
  2. I can speak Spanish (or castellano to those in the know!), well, to A-Level standard at least. Haven’t used it properly in several years, but comes in handy when ordering McDonalds at 3 am in Tenerife after you’ve had a skin full!
  3. I’ve only watched a small portion of both “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Pulp Fiction” for exactly the same reason – I got bored and turned them off. Don’t ever plan to finish watching them.
  4. I cannot stand the word “Panties” – it’s a horrid, horrid word which makes me cringe. It makes me think of some pervert stood their with a long rain coat on saying it as if he gets enjoyment out of sniffing them. It’s just wrong (much prefer “Undercrackers”!)
  5. I cannot stand drinking spirits. They are absolutely vile. I don’t have anything against them on moral grounds or anything like that, it’s just I don’t like the taste, and they give me goosebumps!

Right. Guess I now need to tag some people who have a blog. Only problem is, I only know one other person with a blog, and that’s Nick, from work (sorry Nick!)

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