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My New Toy!

January 10th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Woohoo! Bought myself a new laptop on Sunday, and it was delivered on Tuesday.

Bought myself an dual core, AMD Turion 64 laptop, (model: 5103WLMi), all for £550.

So far, so good – I’m very pleased with it. I did have one small problem as soon as I pulled it out the box – one of the back panels hadn’t been fitted properly, and several lugs which should hold it in place were on the outside of the main case body. That took me all of 2 minutes to fix with a screwdriver, and a bit of pushing (in case anyone relevant is reading this – I never took the back panel off, I did it all with pushing!). Saves having to send it away for repair, etc anyway.

The biggest shock of the whole saga is where I bought the thing from. I got it from Tesco.

I’ve had a few people with raised eyebrows when I told them where it came from, but I think the justifications outweigh any doubts I might have. Basically, the laptop is £100 more expensive (on average) from various websites; I know that Tesco is a big company and is unlikely to disappear overnight; and I am likely to get the same amount of customer service (if not better) from them than anyone else. That said, I wouldn’t get the same level of technical support as I would from, say, PC World; but I don’t generally feel that I would need to bother too much with that anyway (not with my knowledge, anyhoo) – the only time I am likely to need tech support is when some of the hardware has gone wrong, in which case it’s more likely to be a warranty issue anyway.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

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