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Playing with Wii

January 2nd, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yes, yes, yes. Joke intended (incidentally, we should all keep making fun of that joke – this will ensure that such stupidity will never happen again).

The other day, I found myself playing with my mate’s Wii (<snigger>), and I was soooooo suprised. The game play was just brilliant; really really good. It seems like Nintendo managed to break the arms race that existed with previous consoles, and focussed on what was important – the game play and the interactions – rather than the clock speed.

Before I played with it (*cough*), I had slightly written the Wii off, and I was planning on buying a PS3 once it is released. (When will Sony realise that the rest of the world does exist, not just Japan and America???!!). Now I’m not so sure though. I’m thinking that I should just have a Wii instead (Ha! Comedy gold).

Although, that was until I played “Guitar Hero II” for the first time the other day. Now I’m swaying towards a PS3 again (just as long as I could play Guitar Hero II on it). Alternatively, I could get a PS2 with GH2, and a Wii for a price that is probably still much less than a new PS3.

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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