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Weird Colours in MythTV v0.20

September 16th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I upgraded my media centre PC today to use the new MythTV v0.20. The upgrade (via yum) went fine, but as soon as I restarted MythTV, the colours on the menu screens were seriously screwed up, and I had no text on the screen either, so I didn’t know what options I was choosing.

Anyway, I did a search of the MythTV user’s emailing list, and came across this entry. It seems to describe exactly the same issue as I had, except he doesn’t mention anything about lost text.

An answer is posted, here, about somebody overwriting the file “qtlook.txt” from the themes package. Once overwritten, it seemed to work.

Well, I tried that, and it didn’t work, but I have managed to fix it. Instead of just overwriting the file qtlook.txt in the theme’s directory, I manually downloaded the themes package from the MythTV website, and then completely overwrote all the files in the directory. As soon as I restarted MythTV, the colours were perfectly normal and the text was returned! Hey presto!

Incidentally, to find the location of the “qtlook.txt” file, I simply did a search using “locate” to try and find it. Turns out that there is one for every theme, so you may need to overwrite all the theme directories to get them all to work again.

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