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Recording DVB Radio

September 11th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Finally, after a weekend of trying, I managed to track down a suitable command line so that I could record some DVB radio in Linux on my media centre PC.

To cut a long story short, it involved using TZap to change the channel on one of my receiver cards (I have two), and then using dvbaudio to retrieve the audio stream, and pipe it into a file name.

I’ll provide a full write up once I’ve got a good description of how to do it myself, and I might even post a shell script which will automatically do the grunt work for me.

As for the output, it was recorded as an MP2 file, so I still need to encode it to MP3 for it to be useful, but having listened to it today at work, it’s brilliant quality, and has no “artefacts” in it. Actually, this was a bit of a relief, as looking at the output of dvbaudio, there were several mentions of some errors in the stream, but these fortunately do not appear to have made it into the output file.

I also had a slight concern that MythTV would try and retune the card halfway through the recording, but I checked the schedule before hand and cancelled the one recording that was scheduled (I wasn’t that interested in it anyway). Fortunately, it appears that MythTV doesn’t randomly retune the cards if it detects they are tuned away from where it thinks they are.

Hopefully, I won’t have to do this again too often, as the next release of MythTV (allegedly) supports DVB radio, so we’ll just have to see what that’s like when it’s released.

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