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Missing the Point, I Feel!

August 17th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I get the impression that this article is missing the point somewhat.

It describes how some senior analyst feels that the Mozilla Corporation is not doing enough to push the Firefox browser into the commercial sector.

The point is, Mozilla has gained all this market share by not pushing. It has done in using word of mouth, and for it to gain the level of market share that is has, by only using that mechanism, then that is fairly impressive.

I think that analyst didn’t quite understand where the browser has come from, and how it is developed. His arguments make sense if he were talking about a business company which is concerned only with making profit.

However, the Mozilla Corporation is a different form of entity, and only exists to protect and nuture the commercial aspects of this Free Software browser. The fact is, that the browser came first, the company came second. (This is excluding the old Netscape/AOL days).

When you look at things that way around, their argument doesn’t seem well informed.

What also annoys me is that they describe the release of Windows Vista as “Imminent”. A slated release of January 2007 (5 months away) does not seem “Imminent” to me.

Note: I’m judging this on the strength of the article itself, not the report. Unfortunately, I have not read the report itself, so whether these issues stem from the report, or from journalistic paraphrasing in the article, I cannot tell.

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