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G’Day from Brisbane

August 15th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, time seems to be rapidly passing, as I’m now within my last few days of being in Australia.

I’m currently sat in a hostel in Brisbane, and since last Tuesday, I’ve done a whistle stop tour of Melbourne (2 days), Cairns (3 days), and I’m half way through a three day stop in Brisbane.

I’ve been having a great time whilst I’m on this holiday leg of my trip, the highlight so far being a day of diving on the Great Barrier Reef – it’s undescribable how good it is, especially when a giant sea turtle swims out of the coral in front of you just to come and say “Hello!”.

Tomorrow, I’m off to Australia Zoo for the day, hopefully I’ll get to see Steve Irwin and some of his “littl’ beauuuuutieees”!

I’ve taken so many pictures since I’ve been here. There is over 100 on a 256 MB xD card I had, but I filled that one up so I’ve had to go and buy a 1 GB card instead – that did say there were about 600 pictures available on it, but now it only says 400, so I guess I’ve taken loads of pictures on that card as well. I’m gonna have a fun time cataloging them in iPhoto!

I’ve also had a quick look on my MythTV box, I’ve got so many programs to watch on that, it’s going to take me another month to catch up!

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