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D Programming Language

I wrote ages ago about how I needed a language that was in the “C” family of languages, but took the edge of the “C”-ness (e.g. has inbuilt string types, not designed for OS writing). The only problem was that it needed to be very cross platform. As in, able to run on pretty much any operating system that has ever been written – for example, Windows, Linux, *BSD, *NIX, Mac OS, Mac OSX, Palm, Windows CE, Windows 95, Windows 3.1 (Yes!), Symbian, BeOS, Haiku, etc.

That pretty much rules out anything .Net (plus, I don’t have a budget for this so free (as in speech and beer) is the name of the game). I’m also ruling out Java – I have nothing against the language, but I don’t want to have to wait for a JVM to be written for many of those OSs, and I need to be able to dip into Operating System stuff on each platform (i.e. make it not platform independent). (If you are confused by that last statement and believe I may have contradicted myself then think central, platform independent, core with platform dependent code feeding information into the core).

My final requirement was for the language to be natively compiled – I don’t want scripting languages where a customer can look at the code and change or plagiarise it.

Anyway, Richard pointed me towards “D” by Digital Mars (there is a GNU frontend for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX – good enough for now). Seeing as I am in Australia at the moment and have time to spare, I’ve been looking at it and have decided that I like it, and the ethos around it. It seems some sensible criticism has been made of various languages, and the language built on top of that. Plus, I like the idea that they have made the language “easy to implement” (not “easy to develop with”) which means that there a less chances of bugs appearing the compiler itself.

Finally, their idea of error handling is a breath of fresh air. It’s much better than I’ve seen and used in C++, C#, Delphi, or Progress 4GL.

I think I’ve found my language of choice.

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