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Still In Australia

OK, I haven’t posted much recently, mainly because I’m out of the loop because I’m still in Australia (in fact, I’m not even half way through my stay….)

So to keep you entertained, here’s a few observations I’ve made:

  1. Where are the beautiful people? – I think they keep the lookers just for Neighbours and Home-And-Away.
  2. Pedestrian Crossings are dangerous – Light with little man goes green, cars still come around the corner. Insane.
  3. TV has sponsorship everywhere – Literally everywhere – product placement is endemic
  4. Everything is Americanised – Much worse than the UK. They use a lot of American words, and the large American brands (i.e. Not those present in the UK) are here as well (e.g. KMart).

Finally, here’s something that caught my eye today: James Blunt is more irritating than traffic wardens

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